Election 2016 Toolbox

Election 2016 Toolbox

Sources collected and distributed by the Virginia Catholic Conference

Before you vote: 4 principles of Catholic Social Teaching

See here (and in Spanish)


Know the Positions of the Presidential Candidates


Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on important issues?

See here (and in Spanish)

Who are the third party candidates on the VA ballot? See here


Who's running for Congress?

What issues should you ask them about? What Catholic principles should guide your votes?

See the congressional resource here (and in Spanish here)

Other resources

Diocese of Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde's columns on Faithful Citizenship

Diocese of Richmond Bishop Francis DiLorenzo's statement on Catholics in elected office.

Bishop DiLorenzo's statement on Church teaching and marriage

Faithful Citizenship: Catholics are called to be engaged in the political process. See these resources

VA Bishops' guidelines for parish political activities

Are you registered to vote in the Nov. 8th elections?

Deadline to register to vote is Oct. 18, 2016


   What's behind the issues?

Follow the blog: from the tiber to the james



Statement by the Virginia Bishops on three key actions by Gov. McAuliffe and General Assembly: electric chair, religous liberty and defunding Planned Parenthood

Governor vetoes bill to protect clergy, religious organizations that follow, act according to now counter-cultural belief about marriage

See the Conference statement


Governor vetoes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Governor supports abortion industry, but not real, comprehensive health care. See the Conference statement


Virginia General Assembly 2016 legislative session

Adjourned. See our session report and vote chart for all Virginia legislators 

Vote chart of Diocese of Arlington legislators; vote chart for Diocese of Richmond legislators

See our 2016 Legislative Agenda. (in Spanish)