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Saturday/Sunday 5pm/11am English Mass View or Schedule Now
Sunday 8:30am Mass at Holy Family
Sunday 11:00am English Mass
Sunday 1:15pm Spanish Mass View or Schedule Now
Monday 9am-9:30am Mass (65 and Older Requested)
Tuesday 7am-7:30am Mass
Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm Ladies' Bible Study
Thursday 11am-1pm Spanish Bible Study
Friday 7pm-7:30pm Mass - Spanish
Friday 7:30-8:30pm Spanish Bible Study
Saturday 7pm-8pm Spanish Men's Bible Study

The Zoom events may be accessed by phone:  Call 1-646-558-8656.  You will be prompted to enter a meeting ID number and password.  The meeting ID number is the digits following the j/########## in the URLs above (Example: For, enter 95386317161 with your touchtone phone when prompted, and enter the password you received in the Friday emails). Alternately, just click on the links above! Please share the numbers with other members, especially those who do not have a computer or smartphone.

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Saturday Confession time:  3:45pm to 4:45pm or by appointment. 

NOTE:  Any person in a situation of need for any sacrament should call or email a message to the church or to arrange for a visit from Father Anthony.  Thank you!

WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION! - Choose Holy Spirit Christiansburg #646 OR:

  • Mail your donation:  Holy Spirit 355 Independence Blvd. Christiansburg, VA  24073
  • Bring or send your donation with a friend to Mass.

Stay healthy!  Peace of Christ be with you!



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For those attending Mass on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 1:15pm:

Due to COVID-19, Mass is being live streamed Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 2pm Spanish Mass.  These livestreams are for use on various Diocesan digital media accounts of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, including, but not limited to, the websites of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and The Catholic Virginian, and social media platforms of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. Photography and/or screenshot images from the livestream may be used for The Catholic Virginian print edition. If you do not wish to be captured by live streaming, please refrain from attending that particular Mass time.    


HOLY SPIRIT HAS REOPENED FOR MASS!  Good Afternoon Holy Spirit – As emailed to you earlier (below), we have reopened for Mass, Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 11am and and 1:15 FOR SPANISH.  Please bring your masks for all attending (ages 10 and up) and join us. Please view the Return to Mass VideoThe precautions we must follow are HERE in English and HERE in Spanish.

If planning to attend, bring your mask, be healthy and bring your patience, and arrive by 4:30 on Saturday, 10:30 on Sunday for 11am and 12:45 on Sunday for 1:15pm Spanish Mass.  We will have ushers in place to assist with entering the church, recording your name and phone number, then seating you as directed by the Diocesan guidelines.  Restrooms will be open for emergencies only – please “go” before you come to Mass.  Once you are seated, we ask that you please remain in your seat until directed by the ushers.  We have made marks at the entry so you can wait for entry at a safe distance from others. You will be checked in by our usher.  Once again, please be patient as we learn this new system and seat as many people as possible.  Our estimation is that we will only be able to seat about 50 – 60 people following all guidelines of social distancing.  This could mean some may be turned away.  We apologize for this but it is out of our control.  If you arrive and the doors are closed, please contact the office at  It is important that we have accurate numbers of those who we have not cared for and make some alternate plans to remedy this situation.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We will continue to broadcast Mass on Youtube each weekend as the reopening is with many restrictions for the safety of our people, and those in the most vulnerable population are still exempt from returning.

Please help us as we proceed and offer Mass and COMMUNION to meet the guidelines required by both the state of Virginia and the Diocese of Richmond.  The precautions we must follow are HERE in English and HERE in Spanish.  Also, we ask:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of Mass – English at 4:30pm on Saturday, English at 10:30am on Sunday and Spanish at 12:30pm on Sunday
  • For the safety of Father Anthony and passing of virus, please consider receiving Holy Communion in the hand.  If you feel you must receive in the mouth, please let an usher know so he can seat you accordingly.

We know all this is a lot to ask and regret we will have to continue this way for the duration of restrictions; however, we are grateful we are going to be able to receive Holy Communion again.

Another important restriction is the capacity of the church.  As Holy Spirit is a small parish and allowed to hold only 300 people, the state requires we only open for 50% of that number and maintain a social distance of six feet between households.  In our estimation, we believe we may only be able to allow 50-60 people to each Mass.  This will be a test for us and we will have to rethink the configuration of things if we have to turn people away. 

We hope you will come.  We want to be able to make arrangements to accommodate all who would like to attend.  Ushers will greet you at the door, seat you and we will all enjoy our church home again together.  Thank you!

Zoom Masses on Monday, Tuesday and Friday will continue, as well as, the Sunday Youtube Mass.  Check our web page (Bulletin posted there) and Facebook for details.  See you soon!



Feligreses de Holy Spirit – Con gran alegria se les informa que la Diocesis de Richmond ha decidido abrir las iglesias comenzando el fin de semana de Mayo 23/24.  Muy apropiado en celebración de la  Asención del Señor a los cielos!

Continuaremos a transmitir nuestra Misa de fin de semana via Youtube al abrir la iglesia con varias restricciónes por el bien estar de todos, y ha nuestra población mas vulnerable, se le anima que permanezcan en casa.

Por favor ayudenos en cumplir con las guias requeridas por el estado de Virginia y la Dioscesis de Richmond, para proceder y ofrecer Misa y COMUNION.  Repase el anuncio de precaución que debemos cumplir.  Tambien le pedimos que;

  • LLegue 30 minutos antes de que comienze nuestra Misa– Ingles a las 4:30pm el Sabado, Ingles a las 10:30am el Domingo y Español a las 12:45pm el Domingo.
  • Por la seguridad de Padre Anthony y prevenir pasar el virus, por favor considere recibir la Sagrada Comunión en la mano.  Si usted siente que aun necesita recibir la comunión en la boca, por favor avise ha uno de los ujieres para que lo coloque adecuadamente.

Nosotros sabemos que se les pide un buen esfuerzo de su parte y lamentablemente esta manera continuara durante las restricciónes; pero, estamos agradecidos al poder recibir la Sagrada Comunión nuevamente.

Otra importante restricción es la capicidad de la iglesia.  Holy Spirit  es una parroquia pequeña y el ocupo es de solo 300 personas, el estado requiere que solo ocupemos al 50% de totalidad y mantener distanciamiento social entre las diferentes familias.  Estimamos que solo podemos admitir adecuadamente, a 50-60 personas en cada Misa.  Ha como sea necesario, reconfiguremos nuestro calculo al proceder en esta nueva etapa.

Esperamos que vengan.  Queremos hacer los cambios necesarios para incluir a todos quienes quieran asistir.  Los Ujieres los recibiran en la puerta, los colocaran en su asiento y unidos, todos disfrutaremos de la Misa de nuevo.  Muchas Gracias!

Las Misas via Zoom de Lunes, Martes y Viernes continuaran.  Al igual, la Misa del Domingo, via Youtube.  Revise nuestro sitio web, Facebook y Whatsapp para mas detalles.  Los veremos pronto!

VIDEO FOR ALL PREVIOUS MASSES AND OTHER RECORDED EVENTS MAY BE VIEWED HERE.                                                  

OFFERTORY FOR HOLY SPIRIT: Please consider contacting your bank to make your offertory for each week a “BILL PAY”.
*NEW OPTION: Use the page Bishop Knestout has set up specifically for this purpose
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Let us help our pastors, staff and ministry leaders through this crisis.
During our “OPEN FOR PRAYER” times, you may bring your contribution to the church. Please be sure it is in a sealed envelope with your name clearly written on the outside. A basket will be available.
Thank you for your continued support!


From the Diocese of Richmond:  As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the Diocese will communicate to you via our diocesan website (