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Join us in our Fundraising Events:

6th Annual Craft/Vendor Show & Fundraiser

Craft Show



VT Football Game Coke Room Sales - SEP-NOV during VT Home Football Games.

How Does This Fundraiser Work?

It takes 16-20 Parishioners work 2 coke rooms preparing cokes for the hawkers to go out in the stadium & sell during the VA Tech home football games. 

Kroger Community Rewards Program - All year long. 

How Does This Fundraiser Work? 

All that is needed is to register your Kroger Rewards Card on line at & select NPO#82208 or Holy Spirit Catholic Church.  When you shop using your Kroger Rewards Card for any purchases made at any Kroger’s Store it will be credited to our account.  We receive a quarterly percentage based on your purchases.     

Fall & Holiday Craft/Vendor Show & Fundraiser - Annually in Sept.

How Does This Fundraiser Work? 

The Craft/Vendor Show & Fundraiser show is held annually the Saturday after Labor Day from 9 am – 3 pm.  All bake sale & refreshments are 100% donations to the church. 

Thank You!

Terry Mattox
Fundraising Committee Chairman
Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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