Scammer Alert

A message from the Diocese of Richmond:

With the busy schedules of all our families, we want to offer a reminder to all staff, volunteers and parishioners to be vigilant against online & text messaging scams. Scammers are out in full force and we’ve gotten a few reports of multiple attempts. Don’t be taken by those out to use the busyness and good will of your heart to do harm. A few things to look out for, as always:

  • Calls, Emails, Texts, Instant Messages, Etc. asking for gift cards, funds, cash apps or money wires on behalf of the Bishop, pastors, church staff, other parishioners, etc.
  • Calls, Emails, Texts, Instant Messages, Etc.  indicating that your account or purchase shipment has been compromised or that you need to “Click This Link” to confirm your account or order.
  • Calls, Emails, Texts, Instant Messages, Etc. from an unknown person asking for your password, social security number or access to your computer.

What to do if you receive a suspicious communication:

  • Delete it.  Don’t engage with the person on the other end.
  • Try to reach your contact via a different (previously used or independently verified) method of communication. Examples Below:
    • If someone says they are with the Diocese, call the main number of the Pastoral Center and ask for the person or their office to confirm.
    • If you get an email saying that your bank needs to confirm your account, “please click here”.  Close that email without clicking and go to your bank’s website as you normally would or call the 800 number associated with your bank found on your card or their official website to confirm.

We pray that you and your families are safe and continue to enjoy your daily routines.