The Holy Spirit Choir provides leadership for the musical component of the liturgies at the 5 pm Saturday and 11 am Sunday English-language Masses and the 1:15 pm Sunday Spanish-language Mass, as well as, the bilingual liturgies for special occasions and feast days.

Joining the choir requires minimal commitment: a Saturday 4 pm rehearsal in preparation for the 5 pm Mass, a Sunday 10 am rehearsal in preparation for the 11 am Mass, or a Wednesday 7 pm rehearsal in preparation for the Sunday Spanish-language 1:15 pm Mass.

We welcome anyone who likes to sing. We work with all levels of musical expertise or past experience—no auditions are required. You will join a cohesive group of fellow parishioners who just like to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie while simultaneously having the satisfaction of playing a leadership role in the musical enhancement of the liturgical experience for everyone.

We are also open to the addition of instrumentalists (e.g. flute, guitar, trumpet, percussion, cello or violin), especially for special feast days (e.g. Easter). If you are interested in joining any of the choirs, you are welcome to come up to any of us after mass or simply show up at one of the rehearsals (downstairs Saturdays at 4 pm or Sundays at 10 am, or in the Worship area at 7 pm on Wednesdays for the Hispanic group) and we will add your name to the e-mail list.

Contact Joe Ball at or Arturo Delgado for the Spanish choir –